Marketing a Small Business


Brand is, simply, how people perceive you / what you offer / what you can do for them, plus what differentiates you from alternatives.  Differentiation is absolutely vital, and mustn’t be underestimated.

Marketing a Small Web Business

Marketing a Small Web Business

They Want YOU to Be the ONE

Today, with so many messages and options around us, what drives our choices and decisions as consumers? What drives your customers’ choices? New Start Technology finds it really helps me to get into the head of our customers.

The first thing to note, which we can’t stress enough, is that when people land on your web site, they will usually want YOU to be the one!

No one really enjoys trawling search engine results. There are always people ready to say to you, “Oh, you know, your competitors are only a click away!” New Start Technology says to these doom and gloom merchants, so what?!

When somebody’s on our web site, we’re halfway there, we’re over the first hurdle. These people are going to fall into one of two categories.

The first category is: Someone who’s looking for what we do. If this is the case, fantastic! All we need to do, then, is communicate that we do do what we do, cleanly and effectively, without giving them a reason to disbelieve and click back to the Google search results.

The second category is: People who aren’t looking for what we offer. If this is the case, no problem. We’ve got nothing to lose.

All we have to do is, assume that everyone on the site is your friend and doesn’t want to look at any more results, is really wishing that you’ll tick all their boxes. If they’re not in our target market, we don’t have to be concerned with them right now.

We’re unlikely to be able to turn them around at this point. They want something else.
(We may be able to leave a positive impression, so that one day when they’re sitting at their desk thinking, “You know, what we need is someone who does expert website reviews, or specializes web design…” they might just remember you…)

It’s really important to get your head round the reality that people visiting your site are your friends who want you to succeed. All you have to do is not mess it up – help them to make a positive decision.


Show who you are in a way that wins customers

The trick to this is:

  1. To examine every aspect of who you are, what you do, and how you work…
  2. Whether you perceive those things as positive or negative…
  3. And build those things into a brand, an overall impression, that actually delivers for you.

Let’s get back into our customer’s head. Who are they, first of all? So they’re not BMW, Disney, Dell, and all these guys. They’re not going to be paying your bills. Who is going to be paying your bills?

Who wants what you have?

This is a two-way match, between supply and demand. You can’t just be what you’re not. You can only offer what you can offer. You can’t sell effectively to people who need something else. It’s much easier to sell to people who want what you have.

So, let’s start with the givens: What you are, what your capabilities are, what you can do. And then, visualize the market for that.

Fundamentally, this is all about getting your head around what branding is. Branding isn’t about pretending to be something you’re not, or that you can do what you can’t.

Branding is about working out who you are and what you really do, and then standing there and saying it with confidence in a way that wins minds and hearts.

New Start Technology would strongly recommend you look to hire a business coach.

Let’s look at a few examples of turning weaknesses into strengths…

“We’re not as big as Nike, Amazon or Walmart…”

Great! You’re nearer your local customers, those small businesses who want someone just round the corner, who they can meet and talk to when they need to.

“I’m just a small business…”

Fantastic! You don’t have the huge bills the agencies do. You can compete on price, plus your customers can know that when they pick up the phone, any time, they’ll get the person they know.


The thing we’d add here is the importance of focus. Your visitor has a limited amount of attention to devote, which is why it’s vital to focus on your real target market.

Only provide the steps to take this person from start to finish. The more steps there are along the way, the more alternative paths there are to wander down, and the more stuff you put on every page, the greater the risk of diluting the message you’re trying to give.

Put on each page only the things you need to get the message across. So, don’t use more pages than you need, don’t use more text, more images, more links, or more noise.

If you are able to get clear on who your real market is, and who you really are (and choose to be), you’ll be well on your way to growing your business.